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Wow, another meal prep company? Not quite. We’re on a mission to change things up. Our weekly subscription program delivers the-bytes meals right to your door. We want to make it easy for anyone to start eating healthy never frozen meals that are developed with nutrition in mind and cooked by experts.

Your health affects all aspects of your life, including your mood, energy, appearance, attitude, and overall feeling. Nutrition forms the foundation for good health. Our goal is to make healthy eating accessible to everyone.

Bytes is a monthly subscription service. We do everything. Our chefs prepare the meals and deliver them to your home every day

You can choose the number of meals you want every day and choose the meals from our menu to begin your subscription. You will receive those meals every day until you pause, cancel, or modify your subscription. 

Every 15 days, we change our menu. All your meals that we rotate out will be replaced with new ones. You will be notified when we do this so you will have the chance to review and modify the meals before we process the orders.

Every day at 9.30am – 5pm PST, The-bytes processes the orders and begins sourcing ingredients and preparing the meals for delivery on time.

Bytes, we care about our customers’ safety. For every dish we prepare, we provide a complete list of ingredients and our chefs are trained and certified in proper food handling procedures. Food allergies are taken very seriously at our company. We do our best to avoid cross contamination of allergens however, our facilities are used to process peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, and shellfish. Since these allergens are processed in our facility, we cannot accept liability for any allergic reactions to food prepared or delivered by The-bytes.

We are based right here in Bangalore! Bommanahalli, Madiwala post, Bangalore 80/2, second floor is where our commercial kitchen is located. Everything we need to cook all your healthy meals is in our kitchen, from a large walk-in cooler to standard ovens and gas ranges.

We’re so glad you asked. A core principle of Bytes is to ensure our meals are well balanced and healthy. When coming up with new recipes, our priority is to use nutritious fresh ingredients. We always make sure to choose the healthy carb, cook with healthy techniques, and always explore the use of different and sometimes very unique vegetables. We take pride in ensuring our meals contain healthy ingredients designed for those with active lifestyles and are health conscious. Our customers typically crush their fitness goals using our meals and we love posting their stories on our Instagram thebytes2021. In addition, we use locally sourced fresh natural ingredients that are never frozen!

We love to hear from you! You can communicate with us on our website using the chat widget found at the bottom of the page. You can also contact us from our contact page or email us at or contact us: +91 9769485664

Our team prepares and delivers healthy meals every day. 9:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.

After receiving your orders, we begin procuring naturally sourced local ingredients. Prepared by our own chefs, our meals are packaged and delivered fresh to your office or home before they are served.

It’s always great to have new meals available to our members. We also love coming up with new recipes with our chefs and nutritionists. New menu items are usually added every 15 days.

On Sunday nights or Monday mornings, we change our menu. When our menus change, we will notify our members and let them know what items were substituted.

You can give the-bytesl Meals as a gift! With your information, you can set the gift recipient’s address as the shipping address on a subscription order for someone else. As a result, you will be charged for the subscription, but the gift recipient will receive the meals. We can either provide them with access to our mobile app(The-bytes) so that they can customize their own meals directly (i.e. they tell us which meals they like and we make the changes) or maybe you can provide them with access information for the account itself so that they can customize their own meals directly.

You will receive your meals according to the route of the shipping carrier, the amount of traffic they have to handle, and when they will arrive. Your meals will be delivered early in the morning and in the evening. So, you can expect to get your food fresh on time either way.