The Bytes

The Bytes

About Us

We are a bunch of passionate people busy building a new age food-tech startup where our food and technology is based on research and data. While the kitchen team is busy in daily R&D to curate new dishes, create the best taste and implement new nutrition preservation techniques, the technology team is continuously building multiple products to optimize the productivity, cost, storage, wastage control and visibility in our kitchen and outlets. 

Our technology does not end with a successful delivery, rather it starts from there. Our machine learning algorithms help us in analysing nutrition requirements as well as recommending best suited food and lifestyle suggestions to our consumers. We are relentless in making these systems more accurate as we grow with data and create a convenient food ecosystem for our users.


  • Nutrition-rich meals compromise on taste.
  • Healthy food options are limited.
  • Tracking the food and nutrition consumption on a daily basis is almost impossible.
  • Meal Subscription is a risky commitment without visibility, variety and authenticity.

Our Solutions:

  • Our professional R&D and nutrition team is continuously curating new dishes to ensure we don’t compromise on taste and quality of the food.
  • We add new options continuously so that consumers do not run out of their favourite options.
  • We give clarity on user’s consumption through our analytics page.
  • Our meal subscription plans give users visibility of their upcoming meal according to their preferences. A subscribed user can customise their upcoming meal from a wide range of new dishes. Users can also play and pause their subscriptions.